Works in Tibetan

dKar ru Grub dbang bsTan ’dzin rin chen (1801-1861). The Autobiography of dKar-ru Grub-dbang bsTan-’dzin rin-chen: dPal snya chen rig ’dzin mchog gi rnam sprul bāi’u ldong btsun grub pa’i dbang phyug bstan ’dzin rin chen rgyal mtshan bde chen snying po can gyi rnam par thar pa rmad ’byung yon tan yid bzhin nor bu’i gter (Dolanji: Tibetan Bonpo Monastic Centre 1974).

Kong tse

Kong rtse ’phrul rgyal gyis mdzad pa’i bla glud dbus phyogs, manuscript in dbu med, folios 1a-9b.

sTong rgyung

Bla bslu snang srid zhi bde chen mo, manuscript in dbu med, folios 1a-18b.

Works in English

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