bsGral ba shog ...
bsGral ba shog chung_1r
bsGral ba shog chung_1r

2747b = 1r

1. bsgral ba’i shog chung bzhugs pa legs+hō

2. // ces mda’ thun brdeg la ’di skad do/ //bswo nga ni stag lha me ’bar ste/ gyi gran dgregs (dgra bgegs) sgral

3. ba’i dus byung gis/ phonya (pho nya) las mkhan las la grub/ bonid (bon nyid) stong pa’i gzhu chen la/ thabs dang shesb

4. mda’ cig brdungs/ drago (drag po) thogis (thog gis) mdel cig sbyar/ dgregs (dgra bgegs) gzugs la mda’ thun brdeg/ zhe sdang nag

5. sa snying yin ste/ snying gis dkyil du mda’ thun rgyob/ gtiumṃg (gti mug) brten gnas tsher ba ste/ tsher ba’i dkyil

6. du mda’ thun=/ nga rgyal rten gnas glo ba ste/ glo ba’i steng du mda’=/ ’dod chags rten gnas mchin pa ste/



Addendum concerning destruction V


When striking with arrows and other missiles, recite as follows. bSwo! I am sTag lha me ’bar. Now that the time has come to “liberate” the hostile obstructive enemies, the messengers and agents should accomplish their tasks. To the great bow that is the empty essential nature of being should be set the arrow of wisdom, and a wrathful thunderbolt affixed to it as an arrowhead. Strike the body of the hostile obstructor with this magical missile of an arrow! Since it is the heart that is the seat of black anger, plant the arrow in the middle of its heart! Since it is the spleen that is the seat of stupidity, plant the arrow in the centre of the spleen! Since it is the lungs that are the seat of pride, plant the arrow in the middle of the lungs! Since the liver is the locus of lust,

bsGral ba shog ...
bsGral ba shog chung_1v
bsGral ba shog chung_1v


1. drod kyi dkyil du mda’=/ ’phrog (’phrag dog) rten gnas mkhal ma ste/ khragis dkyil du mda’=/ dbang po lnga la

2. mda’ thun rgyob// rneṃs (rnam shes) brgyad la mda’ thun rgyob// ces mda’ thun tshar ro/ de nas tho bas brdung ste/ //bsō mkha’

3. ’gying g.yas kyis phyagṃ^n (phyag mtshan) du/ drag po dbal gyis tho ba ni/ rgyu ni gnam lcags rgyu las bskyed/ mar

4. zhi gser gyis khol mig can/ lasṃn (las mkhan) phnyo’i (pho nya’i) phyag tu bsnaṃs/ dgregs gzugs phung brdung pa yi/ daṃ nyaṃs

5. glad khrag chom la shog/ gzugs phung thal ba rdul du rlog/ e tri rnri dza/ khro ta sa ma ya chyog chyog/

6. zhes tho bas brdung ngo/ dge’o/


plant the arrow in the heart of the body’s heat! As the kidneys are the seat of envy, plant an arrow in the middle of its blood! Shoot these arrows, these magical missiles, into the five elements of its body, and into its eight consciousnesses! The “Arrows as Magical Missiles” is over. Then strike it with a hammer.V bSo! Among the attributes held in the right hands of [gTso mchog] mkha’ ’gying is a fearsome blazing hammer. The material from which it is made is meteorite, and it has a socket of gold. Agents and messengers, take it in your hands and come and smash it into the brain-blood of the oath-breakers, and reduce their bodies to dust! [mantras]. Here ends the “Pounding with the Hammer.” May there be virtue.