Me 'gal sri bsad


1. sngags kyi mdo ’dur rien (rin chen) ’phring ba mu cho’i khrom ’dur rien (rin chen) chen mo las/ me ’gal sri bsad kyi smrang ngo/ // bswo nga ni stag

2. la me ’bar ste// nga yi thyis (thugs kyis) sprul pa la/ me ’gal sri bcad ci ltar bsrid/ sum cu stobs drag sri gshed bsad/

3. sri bsad rdo bcag mi ’gal bskyon/ me ’gal sri bsrad ci ltar bsrid// ri yar mtsho ’gram rdo dkar ’dul/ rdo dkar

4. dre’u rtsa dmar chags/ rdo dkar btsa’ dmar brdebs pa la/ re yar me dkar de la bsrid/ ri yar lcam mo’i me ’bud

5. pas/ re yar yul khaṃs gsal lhag lhag/ snang ba me yi sri bcad de ltar bsrid/ do nub me ’gal sri bsad na/ re yar

The following is the narrative of the Killing of the Vampire with the Firebrand, according to the Mu cho’i khrom ’dur.

Bswo! I am sTag la me ’bar, and this is how the Vampire-killing Firebrand, the emanation of my mind, came into being. This is how the ferocious Vampire-executioners of thirty-fold strength are slain; how the vampires were killed, how the rocks were broken, the firebrand wielded; this is how the Vampire-killing Firebrand came into being. At the edge of the lake, where the mountain rose up, was a white rock. On the white rock there grew a red plant; the white rock and the red plant came together, and the white fire of the mountain above came into being. The Lady of the Rising Mountain blew on the fire, and the land of the Rising Mountain was brightened. This is how the killing of the vampires by the bright fire came into being. And if we are to kill the vampires with firebrands tonight,


1. me dkar grib ma g.yos cig/ yang me ’gal sri bsrad de ltar bsrid/ sman mtsho’i ’gram du rdo dkar ’du/ rdo dkar drung

2. tu btsa’ dmar chags/ rdo dkar rtsa gnyis bsdeb pa la/ ’bar ba me yi srid pa grol/ sman lcam dkar mo’i me

3. ’bud pas/ smon pa yul khaṃs dkar la gsal/ ngam gyi yul du nag thib thib/ ngam yul ngam kham gsal lhag

4. lhag/ ye sman rgyal po’i thugs su bsnyung/ ngam gyi yul du me yi lan su phyin skad/ bye ma lan gyis nga phyin/

5. bye ma len rtse me tshol song/ bye ma len rtse me lce’i ’gags/ yang cig me len sus nus skad/ bya pho mtshal

6. bus nges nus skad/ bya pho mtshal bu me tshol sang/ bya pho ’brug la g.yeng ba’i me ma thon/ yang cig me len sus

may shadows not cover (g.yos < g.yog?) the white fire. This, too, is how the Vampire-Killing Firebrand came into being. On the bank of the medicine lake was a white rock. In front of the white rock there appeared the red plant. From the contact between the white rock and the plant the phenomenal world was liberated by the blazing fire. The white Lady of the Lake blew on the fire, and the realm of sMon grew bright. In the realm of Ngam there was dense darkness. The Ngam land, the Ngam realm grew bright. Ye smon rgyal po pondered the matter (TY). “Who will go to the land of Ngam to fetch the fire?” 

“I shall go,” said the moth. And the moth set off to fetch the fire. But the moth was blocked by the flames, so [Ye smon rgyal po] again asked, “Who is able to fetch the fire?” 

“I am able,” replied the vermilion cock, and the vermilion cock set off in quest of the fire. But the cock was distracted by thunder, and did not get (thon < thob) the fire. So again [Ye smon rgyal po] asked, “Who can bring the fire?”


1. nus skad/ a phyug skya bos nges nus skad/ a phyug skya bos me tshel song/ ngaṃ gyi yul du me khyer ’ong/

2. ye ngam mtshams su phyin tsam nas/ ngam kyi nag po’i rgyab tu bsad/ smon pa’i yul du me spar bus/ smin pa’i yul khams

3. dkar la gsal/ smon pa’i bon blon me ’gal bzungs/ ngam mi nag po’i mgo la rgyob/ me khams pho mo me ’gal

4. gyi bsad/ ngam bdud thams cad bsad nas nyaṃs/ me ’gal sri bsad de nas bsrid/ de yang sri gshed nyes byas me ’gal gyis bsad/ 

5. pho shi gri bo me ’gal gyis bsad/ mo shi gri mo me gal gyis bsad/ chung sri kha dam mer ’gal gyi bsad/ grong pa’i sri

6. gshed me ’gal gyi bsad/ bswo ’dul lo/ me ’gal sri bsad rdzogs swo/ bkra shis/ zhal dro/ byin che’o/ dge ’o/ 


“I can do it,” said the grasshopper, and the grasshopper set off in quest of the fire. He returned from the land of Ngam carrying the fire, and just as he reached the boundary between Ye and Ngam, he slew the black Ngam dog that was behind him. In the land of the sMon pa they lit the fire and blew on it, and the sMon pa land became bright. The priests and the ministers of the sMon pa seized firebrands, and with them they beat the black people of Ngam about their heads. The males and females of the Realm of Non-being were killed with the firebrands; all the demons of the Ngam were killed and brought to ruin. This is how the Vampire-killing Firebrand came into being! And this, too, is how the noxious Vampire-executioners were slain with the firebrands. The demon of bad death among males was killed with the firebrands; the demoness of bad death among women was killed with the firebrands. The red-mouthed (dam < dmar) vampire of the little ones was killed with the firebrands. The vampire-executioner of households was killed with the firebrands. Bswo! They have been subdued. The “Killing of the Vampires with the Firebrand” is over. May there be good fortune, good luck, blessings and virtue.